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Good Energy - Switch For Good

No-one's perfect and we've still got work to do, but here are a few things we do to minimise and reverse our contribution to climate change:

*Our office is powered by 100% renewable electricity from British sunshine, wind and rain. and always will be!

* We opt for sea freight.

* We use as little energy as possible in our offices and warehouses.

* We re-use as much packaging as possible.

* We recycle as much of our waste as possible – and have a variety of coloured bins to prove it.

We’re also proud to work with award-winning 100% renewable electricity Good Energy. By making the switch you can support a cleaner, greener future, help to tackle climate change and protect the beautiful environment that surrounds us.

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Good Energy has been providing homes with 100% renewable electricity for over 15 years, matching their customers’ electricity use over the course of a year with power from British sunshine, wind and rain.

In the UK, the weather is one of our favourite topics of conversation - and it’s one of our most useful assets when it comes to generation!

The renewable electricity it supplies comes from its own wind and solar farms around the UK and also from a growing community of more than 1,000 independent generators who are making electricity for themselves.

Good Energy works with the weather to generate electricity and make the most of every breezy morning, drizzly night and sunny day.

You can trust where your electricity comes from when you’re with Good Energy and you can also trust in its great customer service too.

Not only has Good Energy topped the Which? energy company customer satisfaction survey for three out of the last four years, it has also won Martin Lewis’ MoneySavingExpert polls for customer service too.

Good Energy has been voted top of the Which? energy customer satisfaction survey for three out of the last four years, won Martin Lewis’ MoneySavingExpert polls for customer service and has consistently topped Ethical Consumer’s survey as the best green electricity supplier.

UK fuel mix vs. GE fuel mix 2014-15

In 2014, 19% of the UK’s electricity came from renewable generation types. That’s a jump of more than 4% from 2013! Between May and June this year, lower demand and great generation weather meant that more than a quarter of the UK’s demand was met by sunshine, wind and rain.

Of course, 100% of Good Energy’s electricity comes from the British weather – it always has done, and it always will.

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